Our Services

Cadence Consulting helps your organization providing a driving force behind your project management implementation. From Rapid Project Start-ups to Process Assessments and Audits, your Cadence team provides the level of support you need to cement Project Management at any level of the organization. Read more...

  • Seasoned experts
  • Result oriented approach


Cadence Rapid Project Startup™

Give your project team the support they need to get their next project started right. The Cadence Rapid Project Start-Up service puts you, your team and the project together, with the experienced support of your Cadence consultant. The objective is to deliver a project plan ready for approval, in just a few days. During this dynamic working session, your Cadence consultant will lead your team through the systematic, step-by-step process of developing your project plan, including Project Profile, Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Matrix and Schedule. Read more...

Get your Project started

  • In days, not weeks or months
  • Sign-off ready project plans
  • Better planning process
  • Bottom line results


Project Management Guide™

Cadence provides the expertise and framework in which your Project Management Guide is developed. Construction of the Guide is designed to hand-over the expertise to you. This service also ensures that responsibility for the process and its continuous improvement is being transferred to internal management. You will be self-supporting at the end of the process. Working with your organization and with the set of templates provided, Cadence will assist you through Guide development. The result is a comprehensive handbook, which has your terminology, your tools and other items unique to your organization and Cadence expertise as well. Read more...

Aligning the Project Process

  • Standardization of the project process
  • Aligning projects to the strategic needs of the company
  • Professionalising the project organization
  • Using best practices by project teams

Project Process Assessment

The objective of a Project Management Practice Assessment is to assess the health of the processes and practices to determine what is being done correctly, to identify areas for improvement, and to document recommendations or action steps. Read more...

Project Practice Improvement

  • Standardizing the project process
  • Apply best practices
  • Use a methodology

Project Execution and Re-planning

The Cadence Project Execution service focuses on the creation of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your project. With a solid WBS in place, your team has the foundation on which to build Risk Analysis and Costing reports, Scheduling tools and the Responsibility Matrix. Read more...

Project Planning Support

  • Practical and hands-on help with planning projects
  • Direct support of project teams and sponsors
  • Result driven and quick

Portfolio Management Implementation

Most companies are facing big challenges and changes. You will be needing overview and structere to manage all those changes. With the Cadence methodology and practical way of working we are capable to provide an overview of all strategic initiatives that will be executed by projects, within 14 days. In brief: overview, governance and grip on the execution of changes carried out through projects and programs. Read more...

Strategic Project Portfolio

  • Designing Project Portfolio Management
  • Mapping the portfolio of Projects and Programs
  • Implementing Portfolio Management
  • Fast and Result driven

Coaching of Project Managers

For the purpose of maturing project managers, individual coaching is one of the most effective instruments available. Combined with training the individual project manager will be able to address areas dealing with interpersonal and organizational roles & relations, or a personal leadership style to be developed. ICP is personal and functional coaching at the same time, with a focus on supporting the project manager to finding his right role and position within the project environment, with its typical responsibilities and authority. Read more...

Advanced Coaching

  • One-on-one support
  • Practical and hands-on help
  • Personal sounding board
  • High impact coaching

Project Team Coaching

Leading project teams requires specific skills. Project Team Coaching helps the project manager dealing with team issues at key moments during the life cycle of a project. With Project Team Coaching is based upon the solid and proven Cadence project management methodology, a project team will be supported to strengthen their team spirit by achieving faster and better project performance. Read more...

Advanced Coaching

  • Direct impact Project Team support
  • Practical hands-on help
  • One-on-one and One-on-team