Streamlined Workflow: Manage data where it makes sense

ProjectMaster 4.0 was designed with the professional project manager in mind. Work logically through each planning phase, from developing a clearly-defined project profile to a robust graphical Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Matrix and more. ProjectMaster offers the right level of detail for your projects, so you can focus on delivering results.

The mark of a great tool: Flexibility

Once you have your finished project plan, the real work begins. With ProjectMaster you can easily export your project into flexible formats like MS Word to share across your organization, and MS Project to begin scheduling. All your diligent effort in defining your work and assigning responsibilities is perfectly protected as you export your plan from ProjectMaster. If you are migrating to ProjectMaster, no problem! Simply import a MS Project file and begin building your project plan around the Cadence methodology quickly and easily. No rework required!

See what you can do with ProjectMaster today!

You can get a lot done in 30 days. Take advantage of our free, 30-day trial to ProjectMaster and experience just how easy it can be to deliver your signature-ready project plan. There are no limitations to the ProjectMaster trial, and we know once you have used it, you will never want to manage another project without it. At the end of your 30 day free trial subscription, you may continue your uninterrupted access, without any loss of data, by confirming your paid subscription.

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ProjectMaster walk-through video

Cadence ProjectMaster 4.0 Walkthrough
from Cadence Management Corporation on Vimeo.