Managing Project Management

Managing the Project Management Process

Project teams implement new strategies to deliver higher levels of innovation, productivity and competitive advantage. Projects include more unknowns, assumptions and risks than current operations. By necessity, project managers and project teams operate at a different level and with different processes to deliver project outcomes to the organization. The Cadence Managing Project Management shows managers how to measure and manage project managers with a repeatable process, consistent measures and a common language.

This workshop allows managers, to practice key roles in the project management process. The focus of this program is on managing the people who work on projects and managing the process of Project Management. It is designed to show managers how to maximize limited resources, to gain higher productivity and to install project management in the organization more successfully.

This course is part of the Organizational Project Management (OPM) Series of project management training courses offered by Cadence. As with all Cadence offerings, the course format emphasizes practical and straightforward techniques to facilitate retention and immediate application after the seminar.

Training information

Face to face training
Format: Open enrollment, for Teams or In-house groups
Audience: Functional Managers (MPMs), Directors, Senior Managers, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers
Duration: 1,5 days
Class size: 12 participants max
PDUs: 12
Cost: pricing page.
In-house group: please ask for proposal.

Managing Project Managers, the Cadence way…with people in mind, yet not neglecting structure or process

Is this the right training for me?

If you are a functional manager with multiple Project Managers and Poject Team Members assigned to departmental or company wide projects reporting to you, this is the training you should attend.

You will learn to…

  • Manage people without taking over the project
  • Maximize results through project prioritization
  • Develop understanding of processes and how to implement appropriate use
  • Understand the role of the manager of project managers and team members
  • Understand role differences by project phase
  • Assign people to projects in a more effective manner
  • Conduct review of project manager work products
  • Offer support during problem escalation and obstacle removal

The MPM course map

  • Roles
  • Delegation
  • Review
  • Support
  • Workload Management

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