Rapid Project Startup


You know how hard your project team must work to make the project successful, so give them the support they need to get their next project properly started. The Cadence Project StartUp Bootcamp delivers two results at the same time: 

the startup of your project, including a complete project plan with schedule and mastering the practical Cadence project management methodology, in just a few days.

What to expect

During this dynamic working session, your Cadence consultant will lead your team through the systematic, step-by-step process of developing your project plan, including Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Matrix, and Schedule.

With the benefit of Cadence expertise and perspective, your team will be able do the heavy lifting of the planning process quickly, defining work more efficiently, and in more detail than ever before. Assigning responsibility, and developing the project schedule will be more accurate and more effective as a result.

In the end, Cadence will work with you and your team to organize and synthesize each component to deliver a completed project plan in just days. More importantly, your project team will have the experience and the discipline to launch projects quickly, increase productivity, and deliver results.

Session Outcomes

  • Signature-ready project plan complete with Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Matrix, and Schedule
  • Cadence project management methodology learned

Call Cadence (+31 30 697 19 52) or email (Cadence@CadenceMC.eu), explain what you need and ask for proposal.

This Bootcamp is part of the Cadence OPM Series. As with all Cadence offerings, the used format emphasizes practical and straightforward techniques to facilitate retention and immediate application when back at work.


Training information

Audience: Project team and project sponsor.
Duration: 2-5 days (08.30-17.30 h.), depending on your question, need or project size/complexity.
Team size: 5-15 members
PDUs: 16-40
Your investment: Please ask for proposal

Cadence Rapid Project Startup - Better & Faster

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