Risk Management

By their very nature projects include risks. Some risks are handled by good project communications, avoidance, or mitigation. Other risks require contingency planning. Sometimes risks are identified and the team does nothing to address them. Whether market conditions change, a legal hurdle appears, a major change in weather occurs, or a labor strike happens, the project team must meet its objective. In the Cadence Risk Management course, you learn to maintain control, no matter what. Learn techniques for identifying and handling risks to avoid surprises, minimize crises and reduce negative impacts on the project and the organization.


Managing risk is essential to project success. The occurrence of rework, errors, and injury can be reduced or eliminated when risk is identified, controlled, and responded to on a project. Risk assessment and management is a proactive way to improve the delivery of cost, schedule, and performance on your projects. In fact, studies conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) quote a 90% decrease in project problems when risk management is used. Through risk management, the project manager gains control of the project, rather than having the project control the project manager. Through exercises and class discussions, this workshop allows participants to practice key roles in the risk management process for projects. The focus of this seminar is to provide simple, practical approaches and techniques for managing risk – taking the complex and making it simple.

Course Outcomes

  • Use templates and techniques for identifying and evaluating risk
  • Determine people’s profile for risk in your company or department
  • Manage risk in project phases
  • Assess impact and probability of risk
  • Identify ways to avoid, mitigate, transfer, or accept risk
  • Create contingency plans
  • Determine responses to identified risks

This course is part of the Special Focus Series of project management training courses offered by Cadence. As with all Cadence offerings, the course format emphasizes practical and straightforward techniques to facilitate retention and immediate application after the seminar.

Training information

Audience: Project Managers, Program Managers, Senior Team Members, Technical Leaders, Functional Managers.
Duration: 1 day
Class size: Max 16
Format: Open enrollment, Team or in-house Group
Cost: Open enrolment: please take a look at our pricing page.
Team or in-house: please ask for proposal

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