Scrum Produkteigentümer (Product Owner)

Schlüsselrolle in Scrum-projekten

With the Cadence adaptive project management philosophy, this Scrum Product Owner training provides a practical, hands-on training for product owners who would like to add skills to their professional background, who are working with Scrum Teams en are searching for a solid foundation and understanding of what it takes to play this role professionally.

The Scrum Product Owner is the voice of the customer in Scrum projects. He plays a key role in specifying customer demands towards the Scrum development team. The role and responsibilities are often not clear or even undefined, which causes abiguity about who's doing what in the Scrum project process. Scrum Masters are facilitators who ensure that the Scrum Team can work in an environment conducive to completing the project successfully. The Scrum project team is the developing team.

This 2-days course explains the Scrum principles, tools and teamwork, to the attendees, with focus on the Product Owners' role and responsibilities. Attendees wil be working on their own projects as much as possible. 

This course is part of the Agile Project Management Series offered by Cadence. As with all Cadence offerings, the course format emphasizes practical and straightforward techniques to facilitate retention and immediate application after this learning experience. 

Training information

F2F Schulung
Format: Offene Weiterbildung, für Teams oder Betriebsinterne Gruppen
Teilnehmer: Scrum masters, Scrum-Teammitglieder, Scrum Product Owners, Projektteammitglieder, Technikleiter, Fachbereichsleiter und andere an Projekten beteiligte Personen
Kosten: Offene Weiterbildung: Gebührenseite Bei Anmeldung mit den Mitgliedern Ihres Projektteams erhalten Sie einen Rabatt.
Team oder betriebsinterne Gruppe: Bitte nach Angeboten fragen.
Dauer: 2 Tage
PMI® PDUs: 16

Zertifizierung: If official certification is required as Scrum Developer, Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner, please check Cadence Online
Kurskalender: Checken Sie den Kurskalender für die nächsten Seminare

Scrum-projekte fertigstellen...

Ist das der richtige Kurs für mich?

If you are working in a role of product owner, or when you are preparing for such a role, are you the one who's translating customer demands into projects, and would you like to be fully prepared? Then thsi Cadence course is the right choice for you! Any questions or doubts? Ask Cadence!

Was kann ich erwarten?

  • Scrum method and the role of the Product Owner
  • Praktical - work on your own projects during class
  • Best practices
  • Very experienced seminar leaders
  • ScrumBoK, the ultimate Scrum guide for the professional
  • Firm in you role as Product Owner!


Is certification a wish or a required? Cadence Online provides the right qualifications.

  • Scrum Product Owner Certified
  • Scaled Scrum Product Owner Certified
  • Scrum Master Certified
  • and more

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